Pine Study, 2021

from Praise Dances

In Pine, a film study of a Praise duet shot in a pine forest in the Blue Ridge mountains, Jack and I began to explore narrative possibilities of film. Using footage from a one-day experimental shoot, we edited disparate ideas together with music from my friends in the old-time band, The Crooked Jades, to play around with rhythm and story. Nicole appears as a loner moving through the forest; she happens upon Ryan and a paganistic dance ensues, eventually becoming more quiet and intimate. In the end, the lovers part as though from a dream.


Choreography and Direction: Kate Weare
Film and Art Direction: Jack Sorokin
Collaborating Dancers: Ryan Rouland Smith and Nicole Vaughan-Diaz
Music: The Crooked Jades
“The Diving Bell” (Jeff Kazor, Jade Note Music, BMI)
Seth Folsom - Harmonium. Jeff Kazor - Harmonium. Charlie Rose - arco bass.
“Sea Lion Woman” (Trad. Arr. Jeff Kazor, Jade Note Music, BMI)
Lisa Berman - vocals, clap + patty cake. Jeff Kazor - vocals, clap. Rose Sinclair - vocals, clap + patty cake.
“Ohio” (Seth Folsom, Jade Note Music, BMI)
Seth Folsom - banjo. Charlie Rose - soprano ukulele. Jeff Kazor - mbira.
“Unfortunate” (Jeff Kazor, Jade Note Music, BMI)
Jeff Kazor - guitar, piano. Lisa Berman - banjo. Rose Sinclair - Harmonium. Charlie Rose - arco bass.


Special Thanks to Lucia Kellar, The Bonnie Cashin Foundation, Jeff Kazor and The Crooked Jades