Red Road Study, 2019

from Praise Dances

Working for the past few years in the Blue Ridge mountains while processing our moment of human strife, I’ve created a series of dances intended as offerings for Old Gods: small acts of praise, plea and appeasement, forbearance and valor; dances to argue with our lack of control; and to beg for forgiveness for our destruction.

This early study represents my first try at filming a dance in nature. It also represents a moment of awe I was experiencing, my senses awakened to the beauty and iron-soaked power of the ancient Appalachian mountains.


Choreography and Direction: Kate Weare
Collaborating Dancer: Nicole Vaughan-Diaz
Filmed by: Kurt Perschke
Music: “Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales: 1) Olympos' Pentatonic 2) Archytas' Enharmonic” by Harry Partch
Performed by The Kronos Quartet, “Early Music (Lachrymae Antiquae)”


Special Thanks to Kurt Perschke, New York State Council on the Arts, and Dance/NYC