Dancer Bergen Wheeler in Garden. Photo by Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang.

Kate Weare Company Welcomes New Dancer Bergen Wheeler

As a dancer, Bergen Wheeler has a ferocious precision, extraordinarily quick timing and a tensile strength that feels unbreakable. In our new work, Garden, Leslie Kraus and Bergen have a few lovely duets and watching them dance together is like watching fleet fish dart in perfect tandem beneath the water - a natural feat both mysterious and satisfying.

What attracted me most to Bergen during her audition period with us was her vulnerability - she revealed herself honestly even in awkward moments - and then, her willingness to shake those moments off and get back down to work. This rich mix of identity, humility and resilience marks her as an artist with the flexibility to unfurl in new directions while remaining true to herself. I'm excited to see where Bergen ventures in my work over time.

Leslie Kraus and Bergen Wheeler in rehearsal for Garden

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Dancer Bergen Wheeler in Garden. Photo by Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang.