Scottish Dance Theatre Performs Kate Weare's Lay Me Down Safe at American Dance Festival

Setting a new work on Scottish Dance Theatre in 2011 was a great pleasure for me. SDT is a special company, led at that time by Artistic Director Janet Smith, who perceives and nurtures the unfolding nature of creative process beautifully. Given time and freedom to engage on a personal level with the SDT dancers, I felt immediately their willingness to let unusual things emerge in the studio and head straight into the heart of unknown territory with me. Lay Me Down Safe is my response to the dancers of the company; the issues about connection, desire and loss that came up during our time together and the feelings they evoked for me through their dynamism and sensitivity in the studio. I hope you get a chance to see the gutsy, full-bodied, fabulous dancers of SDT do their thing onstage.

Photo and video courtesy of Scottish Dance Theater.

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