2007: Drop Down, The Psychology of the Individual

When Drop Down premiered in 2007 in San Francisco, Allan Ulrich of the SF Chronicle said:

“...Kate Weare’s Drop Down seemed to encapsulate a world of experience in a quarter of an hour. Clark is tall, cool and unpredictable. Kraus wears her charisma like her flame-red hair; their performances bask in a hair-trigger exhibition of technique, and Weare avoids cliché every step of the way. An element of danger suffuses Drop Down; you’re never sure how a participant will respond to his or her mate... it was hard to blink while they commanded the stage.”
Drop Down a dance by Kate Weare

Dancers Adrian Clark and Leslie Kraus. Photo by Stephen Screiber.

As Ulrich senses, I tuned strongly into the specific dancers I ask into the studio with me; and the originators of Drop Down were Adrian Clark and Leslie Kraus, each a powerful personae.

Drop Down saw a deepening of my instinct to use the psychology of the individual as a source in my work. To this day I tune into the special qualities that characterize a dancer physically and psychologically (they are utterly linked in my mind) and I riff from that wellspring as I build a dance from its earliest development to every single restaging.

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