Dancer Nicole Vaughan-Diaz. Photo by Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang.

Praise, 2020

Praise is a series of solos and duos created in 2019-2020 between NYC and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina in response to our particular moment of human destruction and strife. Wrestling with feelings of helplessness, Weare developed these dances as small offerings to Old Gods: as praise, plea and appeasement, as acts of forbearance and valor, in order to ask forgiveness and argue with our lack of control. Exploring ancient sources of meaning-making with saints and martyrs, fertility rites, incantations, politicking and worship, Weare created a modular series of dances that reach far back in time, asking why art ever mattered in the first place, and why we still need it now. Praise Dances thus far include: Statuary, Praise, Fertility, Sparta, Martyr, River, Saint and Conjuring


Choreography: Kate Weare
Music: The Kronos Quartet, Early Music (Lachrymae Antiquae):
Originating Dancers: Julian De Leon, Kayla Farrish, Douglas Gillespie, Thryn Saxon, Ryan Rouland Smith, Nicole Vaughan-Diaz


Prase was created with support from the New York State Council on the Arts and Dance/NYC.

Dancer Nicole Vaughan-Diaz. Photo by Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang.