Dancers Jason Dietz Marchant and Lindsey Dietz. Photo by Stephen Schreiber.

Wet Road, 2006

Wet Road is a 45-minute work for four dancers (two women and two men) and a female skeptic/observer. Envisioning the body as obstacle and pathway - a site of hazardous entrapment and source of irresistible pleasure - the movement language revolves around leg trapping, fragile balances and a shared central axis. Wet Road imagines mating as an intensely danced dream-like blend of lust, trust, tenderness and threat.

Thoughts from the Hothouse

2006: Wet Road

Early explorations of tango.

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2006: Wet Road at Dance Theater Workshop

Wet Road was an attempt to describe the ambivalence and trepidation that accompanies desire by exploring the human body as both an obstacle and a pathway. Fragile balances, the trapping of limbs, and an often displaced central axis characterized the movement language and partner

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My First Show at Dance Theater Workshop

The first time I caught a break in New York was in 2003 when Craig Peterson saw me dance a solo I’d just made called Approach and Retreat at WAX in Williamsburg. He came up afterwards to talk about an opportunity to show my work at Dance Theater Workshop.

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Choreography: Kate Weare
Original Score: Katie Down
Costume Design: Astrud Angarita
Lighting Design: Joe Levasseur:
Originating Dancers: Kate Weare, Jason Marchant, Lindsey Dietz Marchant, Adrian Clark, Leslie Kraus


Wet Road was commissioned by the Bessie Schonberg/First Light Commissioning Program of Dance Theater Workshop with funds from The Jerome Foundation of St. Paul, MN.

Dancers Jason Dietz Marchant and Lindsey Dietz. Photo by Stephen Schreiber.